What is a CareerTapp?
A CareerTapp is specialized mobile apps supporting students and professionals as life-long career resources.

Our Goal

Henry Ford’s goal was make the automobile attainable for every American family through innovation, simplicity, and affordability.

Our goal is similar... to make a dedicated mobile app attainable for every employer and university program through the same principles of innovation, simplicity, and affordability.

Henry Ford Portrait

Types of CareerTapps

CareerTapp mobile apps are available in three flavors.

Mobile Apps

Recruiting Mobile Apps

Recruitment mobile apps presenting job listings, job alerts, live recruiting events, application access, and career resources.

Mobile Apps

University Mobile Apps

Career-centric college mobile apps presenting job listings, continuing education activities, campus events, and career resources.

Mobile Apps

CE Mobile Apps

Continuing education mobile apps presenting professional development activities, continuing education events, and training resources.